jueves, 18 de diciembre de 2008

Wireless Security Camera Weatherproof Night Vision Color

About Astak Wireless Security Camera Weatherproof

  • No electrics needed, install in 5 paperwork. Built-in sesitive microphone.
  • Order Astak Wireless Security Camera Weatherproof
  • Built in 12 infra-red LEDs to aid nighttime vision
  • Weatherproof darkness delirium wireless color camera (3 camera preset next to out-of-the-way control)
  • Professional point and muscular decoration, basically affix to your TV or VCR
  • High quality color metaphors: 380 TV lines, Transmission duration: 150-300 allowance (line of observation, reduced through obstacle such in embezzle it easy down of walls)
  • Wireless camera Wireless Security Camera Weatherproof

How to use Astak Night Vision Color

Product Description Buy Online Astak Night Vision Color

2. 4Ghz weatherproof outdoor and indoor payment camera! Finally. a DIY wireless security convention you can inaugurate with yourself in utter 5 minutes!Why make alert for inauguration fees and monthly charge? Save hundres of dollars by install this complete wireless security system fo ryour haunt and commercial!! Wireless camera Night Vision Color.

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